Brown Beach House

Brown Beach House, Croatia is a 41-room and suite luxury boutique hotel and resort fusing coastal beach design and classic luxury with interiors and an exterior private pool and beachclub designed by Saar Zafrir. The hotel is located in Trogir, Croatia, a UNESCO world heritage site and popular yachting destination located just 5KM from Split International Airport.

The Brown Beach House Croatia modernizes the retro aesthetic for which Brown Hotels is known, inspired by classic Italian beach-style summer resorts of the 1950's. The hotel's signature lobby library, succulents, Mediterranean flora and bespoke furnishings sprinkled throughout the property create an unparalleled level of contemporary design and leisure- soaked amenities previously unobtainable on the Croatian coastline. The hotel features a grandiose pool and sunbathing deck, Cartina seaside restaurant, full-service spa and private beach club.

Zafrir's conscious approach infuses a calm, natural color palette and wooden tones creating a cohesive, timeless look and home-like feel. Paying homage to times past, the Brown Beach House Croatia's outdoor swimming pool is furnished with classic black-and-white tiled flooring inspired by the Roman Empire's influence over Trogir in the 17th and 18th- centuries.

Brown Beach House Croatia