The Remix Hotel is all about perfect harmonies. It's the right balance between reality and fantasy, who you are and who you want to be. In here, Saar Zafrir Design created an atmosphere where you won't feel at home, you'll feel much better. 

The Remix offers an unforgettable experience, a combination of high-quality service, a young fresh atmosphere and a well-designed space. It's a mix between music, neon lights, and 80's aesthetics. It's about Black and White, bold colors, contrasts. A blend of old and new that create a cocktail of fun and glam. 

Like walking into a music video; dark hallways, your boombox plays the right beats; the walls are acoustic and even the wallpapers sing:

"So we live life like a video

When the sun is always out,

and you never get old

And the champagne's always cold

And the music is always good.

Forever, forever young..."

Remix Paris